Western Canada Emergency Services Leadership Seminar

Stephen James picDr. Stephen James, Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice,will discuss the causes and prevalence of sleep loss and fatigue in emergency services, how fatigue relates to performance, wellness, and safety, and will provide practical strategies to mitigate the effects of fatigue.

Dr. James has researched police driving performance and has worked in WSU Spokane's Simulated Hazardous Operational Tasks lab in the Sleep and Performance Research Center. He was the winner of the 2016 Outstanding Paper of the Year Award for Excellence from the journal Policing for his paper on police drowsy driving. His research and that of his team has been featured on NBC's Today show and CNN.

Before coming to WSU, James attended the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst in the U.K. and deployed to Cyprus, Northern Ireland, the former Yugoslavia and Afghanistan.

Dr. James also has a contract with Spokane Police Department to help the department learn why force is used in certain situations. His research includes the interaction between law, policy, training and practice relating to operational performance for emergency service personnel.

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